5 Cleaning Hacks for Your Glass Windows

Is cleaning your glass windows giving you a hard time? Do you ever wonder why your glass windows are not getting clearer after wiping the dust off them? Well, you are probably not alone as there are definitely a lot of homeowners who end up looking for ways on hacks about cleaning your glass windows. Whether it is the main windows or windows inside your bathroom and other parts of your home, there are specific cleaning hacks that you can do. These hacks will effectively make your windows squeaky clean just like how you want them to.

Top 5 Cleaning Hacks You Can Do for Your Glass Windows

So, to prepare ahead of your scheduled cleaning time, you can look at the cleaning hacks below for your windows.

1. Use Paper Coffee Filter Instead of Newspapers

Any homeowner might have tried using their old newspapers to clear off their windows. Though this process is effective and effectively gets rid of stubborn dust and dirt on your window, it can leave dark marks on your window pane and your hands. However, with paper coffee filter, you’ll get the same effect, but without the ugly ink marks left on your hand and dark marks on your windows.

2. Get a Squeegee

If you don’t want to see those ugly streaks on your windows every time you gaze outside, then get a squeegee and make it a part of your general cleaning equipment. This will help you get the bright clean finish you want for your windows. All it takes for you is to learn the basic squeegee techniques. No, you just don’t run it to your windows. You can watch a few videos online to learn how to use it properly and get the result you want.

3. Create Your All-Natural Homemade Cleaner

One reason why most windows end up having ugly scratches and other issues is that of the chemicals used on window cleaners. A mixture of vinegar, your choice of dish soap and some water will be a great window cleaner. In a container, mix two parts of water, a part of soap and another part vinegar. You can use a spritz container for this and spray some on your windows. You don’t need to drench your windows, just a few sprays and wipe it to get a clean result.

4. Try Varying the Cleaning or Wiping Directions

Instead of following a certain direction when cleaning or wiping your windows, try varying the directions. This may take a few steps since you need one rag for wiping off the cleanser, another rag for absorbing the moisture, and one more rag for completely drying off the surface. In every step, do varying directions to avoid leaving streaks.

5. The Wonders of a Blackboard Eraser

A perfect solution for getting rid of those ugly and dried streaks on your window is wiping them off with a blackboard eraser. You want to get rid of the streaks while making sure that no other streaks will be left from the tool you used. So, you might want to try this.

Follow these hacks and see what will help you in cleaning your windows effectively. If ever these hacks won’t work as they supposed to, you can always contact a reliable glazing company in Westminster and Central London to assist you in cleaning your windows.

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