3 Benefits of Triple Glazing

With energy bills continuously on the rise, house owners are (rightfully so) on the lookout for methods to not just cut the cost of their electrical energy and gas, but also to reduce the quantity of energy they utilise. As a result, property owners are taking a look at every possible angle, even through their doors and windows.

Triple glazing is the next step up from double glazing. Supplying a 3-layered approach to window glazing, it aims to trap more heat in the house, lowering the need for so much energy usage. What are the benefits of triple glazing?

A few of the main advantages of triple glazing include:

  • Minimised heat loss
  • Trapping of more heat inside the property
  • Noise dampening

But there are likewise some drawbacks to triple glazing, such as the boost in cost when compared to double glazing, along with the decrease of natural light that can go into the house.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of triple glazing in more detail.

Decreased heat loss
One of the primary considerations when aiming to upgrade windows or doors is the energy effectiveness impact. Triple glazing can help to decrease heat loss due to the increased density and the extra layer in between the within and outside. This assists keep heat energy within the home, suggesting less energy needs to be used to keep your house warm.

Trapping of more heat inside the property
Similar to the above, triple glazing helps to trap heat inside the residential or commercial property. This is especially useful during the colder months when you need to keep the heat on for longer. It can provide that extra breathing time to turn the heat off for a bit, safe in the understanding that the triple glazed windows are keeping more heat in the home for longer.

Sound dampening
If you survive on a main road (or your street is simply hectic) then triple glazing can help to moisten sound from the exterior. Likewise, if you have a noisy house with kids running around or take pleasure in music at high volume levels, then it can likewise assist to minimise sound leaking exterior.

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