Secondary Glazing: Everything you need to understand

If you reside in a noted home, then you may feel as though there’s not much you can do in regards to enhancing your house.

It can end up being rather frustrating particularly in the colder months if you’re unable to update your windows where a lot of heat is lost.

That’s why secondary glazing is a fantastic alternative for homeowners who are aiming to make energy-saving changes whilst boosting heat retention and overall, saving money on energy bills.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • What is secondary glazing?
  • The advantages of secondary glazing
  • Is secondary glazing as good as double glazing?

We want to respond to all the concerns you may have relating to secondary glazing and offer you an idea of where you can buy secondary glazing online, today.

What is secondary glazing?
Secondary glazing, in other words, is setting up an extra windowpane in front of the homes’ initial windows which acts as double glazing, minimise cold draughts and removing external sound.

It’s also substantially more economical than double glazing whilst promoting a lot of the advantages.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, it may appear quite obstructive once installed it’s easy to use and surprisingly discreet, fitting in with the rest of the house.

Where secondary glazing does absence remains in its look. You do not get all the functions and advantages of a customised window design that matches with your home.

To learn more about upgrading your single glazed windows to double glazed windows (and pulling out of secondary glazing) go to the Government Website where you can discover more info in looking for planning consent to your local preparation authority.

The advantages of secondary glazing
As previously pointed out, secondary glazing is best for those on a budget plan who want all the energy-saving benefits that double glazing has to use but that is a lot more affordable than installing new windows.

Installing secondary glazing is a smaller sized job and can be performed in a few hours, however the difference will be quickly noticeable and last for as long as you have secondary glazing installed.

It also preserves the total look and feel of the residential or commercial property from outside your home. The slim window can not be seen externally but internally it’s unobtrusive and acts naturally within the window itself.

It also provides the elimination of cold draughts (where heat is most typically lost) and provides solitude in the house, shutting out undesirable external sound.

For numerous reasons, secondary glazing is a fantastic option for property owners who are on a budget plan but are looking for all the benefits double glazing has to use.

Is secondary glazing as good as double glazing?
In some ways, yes. Depending upon the reason you’re wanting to install either secondary or double glazing, secondary glazing is much better than double glazing at getting rid of external noise. Simply because the secondary windowpane is even more far from the initial single glazed window, which helps reduce external noise.

Double glazed windows are closer together and whilst they do a good job of decreasing noise outside, secondary glazed windows go one step even more.

If you live near the main road or in an area with a lot of noise, secondary glazing might be a much better investment than double glazed windows.

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